Gain Expert Insights Worth Tens of Thousands (More If You’re a Large Scale Producer) Now in One Convenient, Comprehensive Book

“With Jack’s strategies, within two runs, we were hitting 3 lbs a light!”

– Joe Gerlach, Korova Founder, Unrivaled Brands

“My forty years of experience in cultivation have exposed me to a multitude of resources on the subject, but none have matched the depth, precision, and authenticity of Jack Whipple’s the CCI Black Book. This opus of knowledge is one that every cultivator who is serious about growing larger yields of higher-quality crops should study. Jack Whipple’s significant contribution to the industry is backed by proven science and techniques optimized through years of rigorous trials, making the CCI Black Book a must-read. It’s a tool to avert the many costly mistakes growers make every day and a path toward cultivation mastery. Use it to take your crops to the absolute pinnacle of their genetic potential.


– Big Mike Straumietis, Founder and CEO,
  Advanced Nutrients

Dear fellow grower,

Get ready to discover the secrets and strategies of the top 1% of the 1% of growers in the world.

With the CCI Black Book, you’ll learn how to cultivate the heaviest yields of the highest quality crop as efficiently as possible while keeping your costs low.

The Industry’s Most Thorough, Science-Backed and Up-to-Date Guide to Cultivating High-Value Crops

… and your personal blueprint to maximizing yields, flavor, aroma, and potency — all of which is paramount if you hope to stay ahead in today’s saturated marketplace.

Jack Whipple, one of the industry’s foremost experts, and his Whipple Effect team have extensively run and tested the science in the CCI Black Book.

They’ve conducted experiments across millions of square feet of commercial gardens, encompassing hundreds of different genetics.

The techniques, set-points, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) detailed in this book have enabled Jack’s team to…

Consistently Yield 3-4 lbs of Flower Per Light

And with high-yielding genetics, they can predictably yield over 4 pounds per light.

And now, for the first time ever, Jack and his cultivation team are sharing it all with you in an easy-to-follow book.

Now, imagine stacking multiple techniques on top of each other, just like growers yielding over 100 grams per square foot with Jack’s methods are doing.

Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructions For Every Phase of the Cultivation Process

Immerse yourself in 60 easy-to-follow lessons, accompanied by high-quality images, illustrations, and graphics, to optimize every crucial stage of your plants’ life cycle. A detailed, visual journey walks you through…

  • Mastering garden management
  • Creating a successful mother room
  • Optimizing efficiency in your clone room
  • A fool proof plan for vigorous vegetation
  • Safe and effective Integrated Pest Management
  • Optimizing bloom phase for yields and quality
  • The best practices for your dry room
  • Proven techniques for well-trimmed buds
  • And much more

Tailored to All Growers — From Commercial Cultivation to Home

  • the CCI Black Book caters to all grow sizes – hobbyists, home growers, and commercial cultivators
  • Scalable strategies to enhance potency, size, and flavor of flower and strains
  • For teams, it equips facility members with job responsibilities and process steps for optimal crop results and maximum efficiency
  1. Do you use day and night environmental setpoints and irrigation strategies to steer your crop?
  2. Chapter 1.1 in The CCI Black Book is an in-depth description of all the crop steering tips and tricks we use to have high-yield gardens.
  3. Learn the foundation of crop steering.
  4. Learn irrigation math for all aspects including runoff and nute ratios in water amounts.
  5. Learn irrigation strategies and how they can be used to control the height of your canopy and your yield.
  1. Find setpoints for growing with each type of light.
  2. Skip the learning curve of making the LED transition.
  3. Maximize photosynthesis with easy to use setpoints.
  1. List of all tools we use for success included.
  2. Charts with all setpoints so that you can measure your way to success.
  1. Plant density strategies and over resourcing finding and changing.
  2. Pairing genetics by size with crop steering strategies for each category.
  3. Don’t play favorites. if it is not helping your ROI.
  1. Easy to follow instructions for rooting plants into rockwool and coco.
  2. This is the foundation which will give a grower the potential to hit maximum yield goals.
  3. Accelerate growth with a strong root structure.
  1. Step by step instructions for growing with both substrates.
  2. Information to consider when choosing your substrate.
  3. Most efficient and cost effective choices for growing in each substrate.
  1. Learn our nutrient protocols.
  2. Tips and tricks for identifying and fixing deficiencies.
  3. Most common problems and how to avoid them in advance.
  1. Mother plants are the foundation of any successful operation.
  2. Learn our mother plant rotation schedule to ensure robust cuttings.
  3. Find protocols for maintaining optimal mother health.
  1. Ripening protocols.
  2. How to determine when a flower is finished.
  3. How to plan your garden based on flower periods.
  4. Use supplements to increase terpenes, trichome production, and increase hash yields.
  1. Maximize yield by not over drying.
  2. Maximize terpenes retention.
  3. Create a beautiful and delicious finished flower.

What You’ll Find Inside the CCI Black Book

Built from our tested website for large clients, to teach employee responsibilities and steps within their section of the process. Which we then turned into a book for anyone to use on the go or learn in their grow or at home.

High Quality Flower!

The CCI Black Book uses high quality images and detailed graphics to clearly explain each step of the process.

A scientific approach to maximize yields and quality.

  • 60+ step-by-step lessons! Along with scientific and theory analysis
  • Rockwool – Coco – HPS – LED
    (Built to work with a variety of grows and growers)
  • Field guide for all growers! Commercial growers, home growers, and hobbyists alike
  • High quality instructional photos, graphics, and professional design
  • Implemented and tested process for years in professional grows

Advanced Techniques for Consistent, Bountiful Yields

  • Unlock the power of crop steering
  • Eliminate guesswork through automation
  • Create your strains through pheno-hunting
  • Scale your grow and learn at scale

The CCI Black Book goes beyond the basics, revealing advanced techniques — in a way that’s easy to understand — that will set the quality of your buds apart from the rest.

Our lessons cover each
phase of the plant’s life:

Mothers, Clones, Veg, Flower, Harvest, Trimming, and Curing.
Along with garden management and design, our disease and pest protocol (IPM), technology products, nutrient examples, and core job descriptions for each section. 


Module 1: Garden Management

Follow these CCI’s to understand the full breath of garden management for the grow facility. You will find the crop steering information and setpoints to creating schedules for each room or section of the grow process.


Module 2: Mother Room

Creating a successful Mother Room is crucial for consistent and timely harvests. The mothers are your base of how healthy the plants will be and sets the plant and room cycles, being the start of the growing cycle and source of clones. 


Module 3: Clone Room

The clone room is another essential aspect of the grow cycle. Creating an efficient and scheduled clone room drives a smooth grow cycle for the rest of the process. 


Module 4: Veg Room

The Veg Room is the largest and most time-consuming section in the grow process. Follow the CCI process for a successful Veg Room.


Module 5: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

It is important to have safe and environmentally friendly IPM protocols. We work with the top companies to find solutions that will work and be approved for any location.


Module 6: Flower Room

This is everyone’s favorite part of the process. Follow these to create the best flowering plants to increase yields and quality.


Module 7: Dry Room

This section walks you through all the best practices and processes of the dry room to make the final product as nice as it can be.


Module 8: Trim Room

For the Trim Room we go over the best techniques and show examples of well trimmed flower for the trimmers.

More Modules in the book  (Get The Book)

Content Example within the CCI Black Book

Culling Clones Reference Guide

3 categories of clones 

(image comparison guide from book and also a facility sheet download)


Healthy clones with a strong root structure, light green healthy growth on top.



Clones that rooted but only have 1-3 small roots popping out, darker growth on top.



Zero roots. Clones with zero roots get trashed in the kill bucket.

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